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I'm still alive! Well, of course I am! But the experiment was mostly a success. After the 2nd night out in a row [which involved the laxatives I took to cure my hangover in the morning hitting me all at once at around midnight and having to fucking dash into the toilets in the limelight where my arsehole proceeding to yawn] I wasn't really able to commit to it in the same way. But it was useful. people always say to live each day like it's your last and that is infinitely easier said than done. It is very hard to give every day your all. It is a lot easier if you can actually make yourself feel like it's your last day. I was able to constantly remind myself "I'll be dead soon! I better do that." So I guess that's what I learned. I was also able to really prioritise what I'd do on my last week. Like if you cut all the non essential bucket list stuff, it just boils down to-
1. End things on a good note with EVERYONE. Leave a note or something for those who won't take it.
2. Make peace with God.
Those are like the 2 things I bloody didn't do! I should do them this week.  So all in all, while it was a failure in a number of ways- I didn't do half the stuff I said I was going to do and I didn't fully commit to it- It was mostly a success. I did love harder, and I have that phrase I can use to motivate me to do things now- "I'm going to be dead soon!" 

Hey! The date, right? I forgot to mention. One of the best first dates I've ever had. I got along really well with her. I felt really really relaxed around her, it didn't feel like I was carrying the conversation; more that the conversation was a ball being passed between us. We saw Les Mis [which I liked far too much] and in the cinema we kissed. She has this thing where after we kiss she does this adorable wee smile. I felt like a 15 year old on his first cinema date. We held hands, and she did the oddest thing. She held up my hand to her face and kissed my knuckles. It's the smallest thing but it was so delicate and sweet in the most understated way. I know I sound far too into someone who I just dated once but I can tell it's mutual, it so is! Trust me on this! aaaaah I just can't wait to see her again.

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