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Ok so I went out on wednesday night and got drunk and some girl called me a loyalist then I got stoned with my mate and accused his girlfriend of being an illusion. That is a thing that happened.  On Friday night I went out with my friend Jonny and another old friend who I haven't seen in years who he fancies and some of her friends and ended up making an impassioned case for the fact that women don't fancy assholes, they fancy confidence and outspoken-ness and people who are doing something with their lives and going for what they want and people who are INTERESTING and assholes just happen to possess a number of these traits or are good at faking them. I was alone in this opinion.
Fine then, I guess? Why don't you try it. Why don't you try being a straight-up asshole to women and see how much success that brings you. Oh what's that, you "can't"? you "can't" be an asshole to women? I'm glad you're so nice. I can give you the first step on how to be an asshole to women. Why don't you try telling them that they are idiots who purposely go for things that damage them? That's pretty asshole-ish, right? WATCH THEM FLOCK TO YOU

Other than that, fairly uneventful. The whole week just felt like it was killing time until saturday when I was meant to have my second date with Georgie, and this is how that went.

First of all, her bus was late because there were some more of those bloody union jack flag protests in the middle of town. I was going to take her to the disney store and stuff because she seems like the sort of person who would love that shit but I internally scratched that off the list of plans. When I see her the first thing she says is "I feel terrible. My grandad just died. They had to kick the door down to get to him."
AND THE SECOND DATE IS OFF TO AN AMAZING START. I internally scratch everything else off the list of plans.  I am now plan-less.
"I should have known. He always calls." She said. I panicked. Of course I did. I think that's the natural first reaction to these sorts of things. What do you say to that on a second date? She doesn't want a lift home, and I hate to say it but the first thing that I feel is a sense of entrapment. Any plans I had for a date are wiped out in the face of this massive event and for a minute I don't really know what to do. I can hardly wap out the counselling skills, people see that coming a mile off and it's shitty date material. I can't even imagine what it feels like. I was on a date with Emily when I heard my grandad died and she was totally cool with me heading straight home to my family, I kind of figured it would be the same here. I decide a plan. I have to take her mind off of this. I hail a taxi and by some majestic twist of fate, it works. There is stilted conversation between us because I am still somewhat thrown at this point, and between us and the taxi driver, too, though for some awful coincidence he keeps accidentally shifting the conversation towards dead relatives and I struggle valiantly to change to something else. Finally we arrive at my house and we befriend a cat, who we bring inside. Georgie, Cecilia and I just crowd around it, petting it and spoiling it and being all "oh, can we keep it?" Things perk up from there and we bake brownies and  cuddled up with a DVD and it all actually went quite well, in the end. She is a virgin, mind. I like her, though, so it really doesn't matter. But I'm starting to think there must be something about me that is extra attractive to virgins or something? I mean, I've slept almost exclusively with virgins [not on purpose]. It's both positive and negative to my sexual self-esteem; To them, I seem to be some sort of sexual expert. On my end, though, I feel like if I ever got with some super sexually experienced woman I wouldn't know what to do. It's like this keeps me in a  permanent state of sexual inexperience. I LIKE THIS ONE THOUGH. I like her a lot. She is going to stick around for a while.

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